Pastor Bodie Riddle


I believe God as the creator of all and Jesus Christ as my redeemer. I believe Scripture to be the Word inspired by God and by our faith live out in our actions of loving and serving our neighbor. I am committed to serving the church in preparing and leading the congregation in loving and serving the community.


It is by God's grace we are saved and through His grace we the church are given each other and the gifts needed to serve his people. I am committed to serve the Callahan community as God calls me to serve and work within mine and the church's gifts to reach out to connect with and serve. The church is the people and is called to grow together spiritually as the body of Christ so we can reach beyond the walls of the church to the community serving so they can experience the kingdom of Heaven in their daily lives.



The history of Callahan Methodism reaches back to at least January 30th, 1886 according to the quarterly conference report. The first church structure was North of the seaboard railroad. Second was in the middle of the block on Green Street between Kings Rd and Booth Street. This was demolished by a storm. Next was at the intersection of Green street and Kings Rd.

The dedication of the new brick church on the corner of Well St. (Hwy 301) and Booth Street took place in 1912. Church was held there until around 1960, the seat of desire for new sanctuary was planted. Service in the new church was June 23rd, 1963. An Educational Building, Parsonage, and Social Hall were added and consecrated February 9th, 1975. Through many changes and modifications worship services are still held here.

Although the building has some age, we are an ever-changing church, that brings up to date ideas and programs to carry out God’s word, all the while keeping a conventional church look. We strive to get outside the building to be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.